Which projects did BotanInt complete in a 4-month period in partnership with RSF?

Botan International is the first and only Kurdish media training office in the history of the Turkish state, and RSF is the first institution to support the institution.

RSF and Botan International were project partners in 2020-2023.

The two institutions became permanent partners on 02.01.2023. The institutions signed a “Partnership Agreement” on that date.

RSF and BotanInt did these works together in February, March, April and May:

Kurdish Digital Media Workshops  (5 Workshops in 4 months)

Reuters photographer Sertaç Kayar, Photo-Journalism Workshop, May 2024

  • 10 young journalists, 8 women and 2 men, attended the workshops.
  • Two journalists and 8 independent journalists received training from experienced journalists on news photography, video editing techniques, video program hosting, social media editing and investigative journalism.
  • Trainers; They were editors and reporters working for Reuters (UK), DW (Germany), Waar TV (Iraqi Kurdistan Region), Botan Times (Turkey) and Mezopotamya News Agency (Turkey). Participants had the chance to see the journalistic practices of different media institutions and different countries.

Providing studio, technical support and newsroom

  • 29 local media and NGOs recorded 57 podcast programs and 204 video programs in the Botan International studio
  • During the election period, 29 media institutions and 54 freelance journalists who worked in Diyarbakır and did not have a studio had only one place (Botan Studio) where they could record their programs.

Psychological support program

  • 5 journalists who were traumatized due to conflicts, earthquakes, floods and disasters while working as journalists received 6 sessions of support from a psychiatrist.

Advocacy speeches were given in 12 meetings and seminars.

In Picture: Murat Bayram, the founder of Botan International speaks in The Guardian Foundation Annual Program, UCL, London, June-2024

27 rights-based reports of local and international institutions such as RSF, IPI, bianet, DFG, MLSA were published in Kurdish.

207 freelance journalists use the Freelance Journalist Network.

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