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The Avesta publishing house has published a book about Amedi

The publisher Avesta has published a new book. Kristian Alex Larsen is the author of the book Amedi Historical Sites and Moments of a Great Kurdish Town. The book focuses on the sights of Amedi and provides an overview of the town’s history. Amedi is on the provisional Iraqi UNESCO list. The nominated city is […]

Who are the trainers of the online Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops 

With the support of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), Botan International will hold 8 online Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops between 27-28-29 October. Sertaç Kayar, Ali Duran Topuz, Hozan Adar, Murat Bayram, Omer Faruk Baran, Kadri Esen Semiha Yıldız, and Ferid Demirel are the trainers of the workshops. Digital Media Management Workshop: Ali Duran Topuz  Ali Duran […]

Seyidxan Sevinç released his new album

Seyidxan Sevinç released his new album called Lerz . His album Lerz consists of 8 songs, such as Berav, Zendê, Xwelîser, Xanim, Xensê, Nadim, Min Serê Xwe Rakir and Gav Haymatlos Suad and Said Yusiv took the words of the songs from Kurdish folklore and interpreted them in their own way, and Onur Özçelik arranged them. Seyidxan Sevinc is […]

Exploring Ethical Considerations in Our Treatment of Animals

*This article was written by Ecrin Tekeş Imagine a world where a small cat wanders the dangerous streets with an empty stomach—wanders the dangerous streets. They are looking for food to fill her empty stomach. Instead she meets people who push her around, namely us. We said “introduce” at the beginning. But is this little […]

Botan International will hold 8 Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops 

With support from the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), Botan International will hold 6 Online Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops between 27-28-29 October. The workshops and lecturers: Photo-Journalism Workshop: Sertaç Kayar (REUTERS)  Literary Journalism Workshops: Murat Bayram Digital Media Editing Workshop: Hozan Adar Conducting Interviews Workshop: Ferid Demirel (bianet Kurdî) Managemenet of Newspaper Workshop: Kadri Esen (Xwebûn) Technical Tools […]

A new Kurdish performance-exhibition will display by the Şermola Performans

For the project OUR DISPLACED STORIES, Hicran Demir and Mirza Metin searched for their biographical stories, some of which have remained hidden or have been or are still being consciously and unconsciously censored. It is particularly important to the artists, Hicran Demir and Mirza Metin, to make the effects of repression, isolation and being made […]

The Kurdish journalist who interviewed the father of Jina Emini was released

In Iran, the Kurdish journalist Nazila Marofilana, who had interviewed the father of Jina Emini, was arrested on July 8. According to the statement of the Human Rights Organization of Hengaw, the female journalist was released from prison today with a bail of 300 million tumen. Marofilana was arrested for “making propaganda against the regime […]

The 21st Munzur Culture and Nature Festival will be held

The program of the Munzur Festival has been announced. The 21st Munzur Culture and Nature Festival will be held in Dersim (Tunceli) from August 3 to 6. The big part of the festival will be held in the city center. The festival will start with the opening speeches of Dersim Mayor Fatih Mehmet Macoglu and […]

Journalist Evrim Deniz released

Gazete Duvar reporter Evrim Deniz was released last night. Deniz, who gave information to Botan Times, said that she was detained because of her social media posts. Social media posts stating that the judge and prosecutor who tried the journalists were married were deemed a crime. The crime directed against Deniz: Targeting a state official […]

Botan Times will be on your the agenda with the opinion service

The Botan Times website began actively reporting in late 2022. With news of Gülistan Korban, Beril Caymaz and Qesim Etmaneki and articles by Serdar Şengül and Canan Yalçın, as well as news and articles by Omer Faruk Baran, it is on the agenda of Kurdish readers. According to Google Analytics, Botan Times is the most […]

Botan International will hold Digital Kurdish Journalism Workshops

With support from the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), Botan International will hold workshops on Kurdish Digital Journalism at its Diyarbakir office between 18-20 June. The workshops and lecturers: Kurdish Diction Workshop: Serdar Canan (Ethnomusicologist) Podcast Workshop: Hatice Kamer (BBC, VOA, journalist) Program of Presenter Workshop: Mehdi Mutlu (Waar TV, presenter) Digital Media Management Workshop: […]

Music Beyond Borders: A short film about anti-Kurdish discrimination in Turkey

By Minority Rights Group International Join us in exploring the powerful story of a banned language and a silenced culture. This short film takes you back to the 1980s in Turkey, where the Kurdish language and music were forbidden. Watch as soldiers try to prevent the music from being played at a wedding, only to be left powerless […]

The short film “Music Beyond Borders” is on the air

The short film, produced by Botan International and supported by Minority Right Group International (MRGI), is on the air. In Turkey, the Kurdish language was banned in public places until 1991. A couple wanted to celebrate their wedding with Kurdish music and found a way to fulfill their wishes… The director of the film is […]

The Kurdish politician gave the book ‘Mem and Zin’ to Papa

Kurdish politician Abdullah Demirbas met with the Head of the Catholic Church Papa Francesco in the Vatican. During the meeting, Abdullah Demirbas presented the book of Mem and Zin that is written by Ehmedê Xanî, to Papa. The book latinizated by Mehmet Emin Bozarslan from arabic alphabet in 1990. Also, Demirbas a letter and carpet […]

The book of the poet who wrote the national anthem of the Kurds was published

Click for Kurdish Istanbul-based Avesta publishing house published Yunus Rauf’s poetry book. The poet known as “Dildar” lived in 1918-1948. Dildar’s poem “Ey reqîb” is accepted as the national anthem of the Kurds. Şiyar Şerîf Berazi prepared the book published in the Kurmanci dialect of Kurdish. Dildar, born Yûnis Reuf (Kurdish: یوونس ڕەئووف, romanized: Yûnis Mele Re’ûf, 20 February 1918 – […]

Botan Times English started to broadcast

The section of Botan Times English is in the broadcast as an independet website . Murat Bayram is responsible for the website and Yonca Sarsilmaz is the editor. The design of the website was done by Murat Bayram and the codes were written by Seyhmus Baykal. The English edition of Botan Times magazine will […]

The 9th issue of Botan Times Weekly out

Botan Times, the most widely read news website in Turkey, and Botan Times Weekly, the only Kurdish news magazine in Turkey, are the media organs of Botan International.

LIVE: There is a flood in Adiyaman and Sanliurfa:

After heavy rains, Adiyaman and Sanliurfa were flooded. In Adiyaman, one person, and in Sanliurfa 4 people dead. Totally 10 people are missing. 13.50 In the Sanliurfa, because of the flood people reacted to mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgul. Beyazgul moved away with his guards. In that moments, the guards pull their guns. In the Sanliurfa, […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 15.03.2023

“We will be together in the field with mobilization” This year, Newroz will be celebrated on March 19 in Kadıfekale, where Rahaşan Demirel lit the Newroz fire with his band. Mahsun Koç, a member of the Izmir Newroz Organizing Committee, said that the end of power has come and all peace-loving people should be in the […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 14.03.2023

Kurdish historian Mele Mahmoud Bazidi Mele Mahmudê Bazidi (b. 1797 Bazid – d. 1863 Erzurum) is a Kurdish writer and the founder of Kurdish literature. In the 19th century, Bazidi wrote Ahmed Xani’s Mem and Zin in prose form, which is considered the first modern story. Also, Mele Mahmud Bazidi draws attention to his plurality among […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 13.03.2023

Poisoning students is targeting the values ​​of the women’s revolution For months, poison gas attacks have been carried out against eastern Kurdistan and the whole of Iran. Almost every day, female students are poisoned. As a consequence, dozens of them lost their lives. If this fenomen continues, the situation in the country may get out of control and […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 10.03.2023

Dance of words the book of Herdem Marwani When I decided to read Herdem Marwani’s book called “Dance of Butterflies”, I had some fears. I thought that if a woman has been in prison for years, how she can get rid of slogans so she can create such verses? Diyarname Do we need more letters? Many […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 09.03.2023

 This year, the Newroz celebration will be celebrated with the slogan “Everywhere Newroz, every time freedom” and will be given as a gift to the victims of the earthquake.

Kurdish media monitoring – 08.03.2023

Mela Bahtiyar: If PDK and YNK do not come to terms, the situation in the region will get worse The member of the Supreme Political Council of YNK, Mela Bahtiyar stated that due to the disagreement between KDP and YNK, there was a big impact on the status of the Kurdistan Region. For that, they […]

5th Shifa Gardi Award goes to British journalist Isobel Yeung

The Shifa Gardi Award Committee on Saturday announced this year’s award goes to British journalist Isobel Yeung for her outstanding coverage from war zones. The prize, which honours the memory of Rudaw Media Network’s anchor Shifa Gardi who was killed in Mosul while covering a mass killing by Islamic State (ISIS) militants, is given annually […]

Kurdish media monitoring of earthquake 15.02.2023

Elbistan: We don’t even know whether we go or stay Yeter and his brother are irresolute. Because of the earthquake and disaster, they want to go. But because their future is uncertain, they want to stay there. bianet Kurdish After four days, they lost their lives There is indescribable sadness and pain in Haji Terzi’s house. His daughter […]

DFG: 17 journalists died in the earthquake

Dicle Firat Association of Journalists published the list of journalists who died in the earthquake.  According to the list, the number of journalists killed in the earthquake is 17.

Kurdish media monitoring the earthquake 13.02.2023

  8th day of the earthquake: Families wait in front of the rubbles  The earthquake whose center was Pazarcık in Kahramanmaras left a week behind and rescue operations continue on the 8th day. Thousands of bodies have not yet been buried and their relatives are standing in front of the bodies. Also, the families are waiting for […]

The third issue of Botan Times Weekly out

Botan Times, the most widely read news website in Turkey, and Botan Times Weekly, the only Kurdish news magazine in Turkey, are the media organs of Botan International.

Kurdish media monitoring – 03.02.2023

“We are with the president of our bar, we will not take lying down to threatenings” The Protection and Support Platform of Diyarbakır City held a press release in front of the Tahir Elci Conference Hall. They support the President of Diyarbakır Bar Association, Nahit Eren, who was threatened with death. bianet Kurdish Director Penahi […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 2.02.2023

A concert is organized to create a forest in Shengal The Peace and Hope Initiative of Kurdistan is building a forest in Shengal. For that, a concert is held in Bielefeld on the 3rd of the month. Artists Yelda Abbasi, Laia Genc, ​​Nur Dilovani, and Beata Wolf will participate in the concert. Diyarname Hard days in the […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 01.02.2023

What are the benefits of lemon water? The lemon which gives flavor to our salads, meals, and desserts on our tables is a fruit that belongs to the citrus family. Lemon is used in many different fields, including cleaning products and cosmetics, because it has a pleasant aroma and properties. You can use both lemon peel and […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 31.01.2023

He gives a light to world from the cell The isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan is getting more severe, but despite the isolation, his ideas about free life are becoming a source of struggle for people and especially for women in all parts of the world. Xwebun The PerxudresPodcast website has started broadcasting The […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 30.01.2023

After the drone attacks, the Iranian forces took action In the city of Esfahan in Iran, yesterday night, an air strike was carried out by drones against the workplace of a military factory of the Ministry of Defense of Iran, and the workplace was damaged. In this attack against its military factory, the Iranian forces went […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 27.01.2023

International Delegation: The struggle of Kurds is a struggle for democracy and human rights The international delegation Against Isolation consists of lawyers, academicians, and journalists and includes 36 people from 7 countries, today 12 of them visited the Democratic Society Congress (KCD), the Democratic REgion Party (DBP), and Kurdistan Union Parties. Mezopotamia Acency The court […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 26.01.2023

There are border gates but no trade The former head of the Chamber of Accountants and Independent Financial Consultants Ibrahim Sahin said that even though there are several border gates in Van, they are at the end of the exports’ list and this is due to state policies. Mezopotamia Agency HDP, KCD, and DBP will […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 25.01.2023

There isn’t any other example like it in history Opposing and enemy states such as the USA and Russia have acted together on the conspiracy. In this way, about 15 states are joining this conspiracy and deciding the fate of the Kurdish people.  Xwebun Kurdish directors are also going to the Berlinale, the program was […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 24.01.2023

“There is a crime on Imrali Island.” People’s Democratic Party (HDP) parliamentarians started the Waiting for Justice to allow the lawyer of the PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, to meet with his client. This waiting of the parliamentarians continued on the 23rd. HDP parliamentarians Ali Kenanoglu, Zeynel Ozen, Sevin Coskun, Murat Sarisas, Kemal Pekoz, Erdal Aydemir, Murat Cepni, […]

Botan Times Weekly Magazine out!

The English edition of Botan Times Weekly Magazine, the only Kurdish news magazine published in Turkey, was out! According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) , there are 2.071 newspapers in Turkey. But there is no daily Kurdish newspaper from this number. There is only one Kurdish weekly newspaper: Xwebun .  There are 2,389 magazines and there was no […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 23.01.2023

Navvies wanted their daily wage to be 600 lira Navvies held a protest in Diyarbakir and stated that they will not go to work until their daily wages are 600 lira. Xwebun Tosun: The Ministry of Justice’s statement does not come up with a solution  According to IHD data from April 2022, in Turkish prisons, […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 20.01.2023

Click for Kurdish Diyarbakır Bar Association President Eren: We are in pursuit of the isolation process  The President of Diyarbakır Bar Association, Nahit Eren, stated that recently the TBB (Union of Turkish Bar Associations) applied to the Ministry of Justice regarding the isolation in Imrali and said: “We are in pursuit of this process.”  Mesopotamia […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 19.01.2023

Click for Kurdish HDP will not join in the meetings of the Constitutional Committee The spokesperson of the HDP Group, Meral Danis Bestas, stated that the Constitutional Committee cannot set a commission with who tramples constitutional rights and said this: “We will not participate in the meetings of the Constitutional Commission to ‘cover up’.” Xwebun […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 18.01.2023

The Iranian regime placed cameras in the streets to monitor women’s clothing According to the Wall Street Journal, the Iranian regime’s “morality police” use street surveillance cameras to check women’s clothes and punish them who do not wear as they want. Xwebun After killing Mir Perwer, this time his mother lost her life Artist Mir […]

Kurdish media monitoring – 16.01.2023

Sancar: We appealed to the Constitutional Court HDP Co-President Mithat Sancar stated in the press conference of the HDP center that they have applied to the Constitutional Court and the purpose and plan of the case blocked the HDP. Xwebun During the election process, 2,071 newspapers are published in Turkey, 1 is Kurdish The opposition […]

Reporting in conflict zones – The Kurdish Digital Media E-book by Botan International

* This article was published in the Kurdish Digital Journalism e-book of Botan International. You can read the entire Kurdish e-book and a short English summary. Mesud Muhemmed has made a name for himself as a‘conflict zone reporter’. His ambition and courage have taken him to several battlegrounds across Iraq andSyria. What drives his ambition? […]

A scientific study: First-language related barriers among the Kurds in Turkey

Specialist Dr. Tevfik Bayram with Prof. Dr. Sibel Sakarya has conducted a scientific study on the access to health services of Kurds and the study was published in the International Journal for Equity in Health. The title of the study is “Oppression and internalized oppression as an emerging theme in accessing healthcare: findings from a […]

Chief Prosecutor: HDP’s treasury aid should be cut

The Constitutional Court will meet on January 6 to discuss the cutoff of the treasury aid to the People’s Democratic Party (HDP). The Republican Chief Prosecutor, Bekir Şahin filed an case against the HDP and demanded that all financial aid to the HDP be cut off. If the court accepts Şahin’s request, the party will […]

Our robot reporter prepares news in Kurdish from 109 languages

Botan International started building an artificial intelligence-powered robot-reporter named Rony. What does Rony do? The robot coded by Yehya Lezgin Chali, CEO of OVANYA, is monitoring news in 109 languages, adapting it to the Kurdish news form and sending it to its editor. Robot learns Kurdish journalism by BotanInt’s CEO Murat Bayram’s news-editing. The legal owner […]

66 journalists killed in 2022: IPI

IPI Weekly Digest – 2022 witnessed a devastating decline in journalists’ safety, as 66 journalists and media workers worldwide were killed in connection with their profession, according to International Press Institute (IPI) data. This figure marks a steep increase from the total of 45 journalists killed in 2021. Spiraling attacks against journalists in Mexico as well as […]