Serdar Şengül

Akademîsyen û lekolîner e. Derbarê neteweperiyê, teoriyên postkolonyal û rexneyê edebiyatê de xebatan dike. Li ser wan babetan nivîs û wergerên wî hene.

Kurds and world map

In a European country, in a school, children from different nationalities are in geography class. Their teacher asks them, “Show your country on the world map.” The children go to the map one by one, look at it with excitedly, and point to their country with their finger. A Kurdish girl follows her friends to […]

A reply from Kurdish students to the authorities of the colonial state

Modernism is used in the context of oppressive policies and practices; therefore, Kurds’ relations with modern institutions have always been difficult. The memories of starting school are bittersweet for every Kurdish person because modern schools are one of those institutions. The pillars of grammar, history, literature, religion, and knowledge of civics surround children and pick […]

“The Power of Living Memory: Ferzende Beg, Zapata, and Beyond

This article was translated by Kamal Soleimani The 1950s film “Viva Zapata” brought the Mexican Revolution and its leader Emiliano Zapata into the annals of Hollywood. [1] It was a milestone because it was the first time a non-European revolutionary graced the silver screen, and Hollywood welcomed this visitor from afar with open arms. Under […]


Nina Simone was born in a poor family in 1933. Her real name was Eunice Kathleen Waymon. Her talent for music showed up in her childhood. However, Nina’s life was a witness to the fact that the music industry and the music market left no place for blacks to practice their art except in bars […]

Scenarios of the Oppressed, Fantasies of the Master

In 1966, because Muhammad Ali Clay did not want to fight against Vietnam, he rejected to serve in the military, then his license, passport and ID were confiscated. Even though he suffered many challenges because of his reaction against the law, according to many people, that reaction is one of the symbols of resistance towards the […]

Two poets, two resignations; Aime Cesaire and Cegerxwin

Click for Kurdish In 1957, two poets, in two countries far from each other, without knowing each other, resigned from their communist parties. One of them was Aime Cesaire and the other was Cegerxwin. Aime Cesaire was a citizen of France. His grandparents were brought from Africa as slaves four hundred years ago and worked as slaves in […]