Murat Bayram

Avakarê Botan International û Botan Timesê ye. Bayramî ji bilî medyaya kurdî ji bo New York Times, Al Jazeera International, Deutsche Welle, Middle East Eye û RT TVyê kar kiriye. Wî li bernameya fellowshipê ya Rojnamegerîya Dîjîtal ya Zanîngeha Oxfordê(Enstîtûya REUTERSî ya Xebatên Rojnamegerîyê) li Ingilîzîstanê û Acadêmie Franceyê perwerde standiye. Zanîngeha Kalîforniayê ya Los Angelesê(UCLA) xelata “Nivîsîna herî afrînêr û orjînal” û Yekîtîya Rojnamegerên Başûrê Rojhilatî xelata “Rojnamegerê salê” daye wî. Nivîskarê “belkî îşev binive”yê ye (Weşanxaneya Avestayê, 2018). Ew yek ji nivîskarên Ferhenga Nûçegihanîya Zayenda Civakî: Kurdî-Tirkî û wergêrê 11 kitêban e. Wî edîtoriya 52 kitêban kiriye.

Taxi driver Hamdi: Kurds love me very much

Hamdi is a young man from Batman and he works as a taxi driver in Istanbul. He’s known for introducing Kurdish music to his foreign customers. Many people ask him why he doesn’t model because he’s so handsome. Hamdi answered Botan Times’ questions. I took 7 months to learn English We have moved our house […]

Why the Kurds who support the AK Party have no Kurdish newspaper?

As a result of the “terrorization” of Kurdish-language media in Turkey, a situation has arisen where even millions of pro-government Kurdish groups living in Turkey would not dare to publish a Kurdish-language newspaper. Almost the entire population of Diyarbakir is Kurdish. 3 Kurdish MPs were elected from the Ak Party-list, 1 from the CHP, and […]

The only “Kurdish media training office in Turkey” is 2 years old

The Diyarbakir office of Botan International, which was set up with the support of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), is now two years old. Botan International’s media training office is the first Kurdish media training office in the history of the Turkish state, and RSF is the first international organisation to support a Kurdish media office […]

How do we protect ourselves from post-earthquake trauma?

After the Kahramanmaras earthquake, many other earthquakes occurred. According to official figures, more than 45 thousand people died in these earthquakes in Turkey. More than 2 million people have been displaced. For those who physically survive the earthquake, there is also a risk of mental breakdown. Canan Yalçin, a psychologist from Vienna, answered Botan Times’ questions. She explained […]

“14 dogs and cats are in this building, don’t destroy!”

Animal rights activists stopped the work of destruction of Diyar Galeria. The Animal Rights Council stated that there are 14 cats and dogs in the building. Diyar Galerya is one of the thousands of buildings damaged in the earthquake. Two of her blogs were damaged in the first and second earthquakes. There isn’t any official information about the […]

Why don’t the citizens go to camps, schools, and mosques but they wait on the ruins?

Click for Kurdish After the 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Kahramanmaras, the number of dead has increased to 31,643. An unknown number of people are still under the rubble. They hope some of them are alive. The situation is also bad for those who survived the earthquake. The most difficult thing is the lack of shelter, clean water, electricity, telephone lines […]

Adiyman: The streets smell of the dead and the living are dying from the cold

Click for Kurdish  No rescue teams are working on most of the buildings in Adiyaman. The streets smell of the dead. Black smoke rises from burning trees. With that smoke, a black crust was formed on the faces of those around. They have been under fire for a long time. No one came for two days There is a […]

An academic thesis: The current situation of Kurdish magazines

Click for Kurdish Kurdish digital magazines in Turkey are similar in their way of existence and functionality. Leyla Ozkaplan Academician Leyla Ozkaplan briefly talked about digital magazines with these words. She answered the questions of Botan Times about her thesis entitled “The publication of Kurdish digital culture and art magazines through an alternative media approach“. Is […]

I have faith in women and also they are to me

Click for Kurdish Heja Netirk told Botan Times about her single album that will be released this week. The name of her new album is “Herkes Zevici”. From women’s eyes I want to express women’s feelings. I mean, let me talk about some issues from the women’s side. For instance, you have often heard a man say […]

M. Masum Suer: When you said magnificence, were you mentioning this building?

Click for Kurdish Award-winning photographer M. Masum Suer asked after taking a picture of the Benusen Tower, “What is this white construction in front of the tower?” The Municipality of Diyarbakır has announced in 2021 that it will devastate the houses around the city to enhance the magnificence of the city walls. About 200 buildings were […]

Rojbin Kizil: When I was 9 years old, I was on stage

 Click for Kurdish The young singer Rojbin Kizil informed her listeners and fans through Botan Times that she is preparing a new album. This clip of Rojbin Kizil with Fehime has been viewed 51 million times on YouTube and their second clip has been viewed 33 million times. Her music video “Lawo Dino” has been viewed 12 million […]

During the election process, 2,071 newspapers are published in Turkey, and only 1 is Kurdish

Click for Kurdish The opposition and pro-government media have increased the number of their publications on the Turkish presidential election.  There are still very limited resources for Kurdish media followers. The number of Kurdish citizens is estimated to be 20-25 percent of the population of Turkey. But the percentage of representation in the media is much lower.  […]

Pall Weşan: A new generation Kurdish publishing house

Pall Publishing, a new Kurdish publishing house held a party and announced that they had started their work.  The party was on December 14. Why is a new publishing house so important for Kurds? It was forbidden to speak Kurdish in public in Turkey until 1991. It is estimated that 20-25 million Kurdish citizens live […]

Second interview with Diljen Roni in 15 years

Click for Kurdish When I wrote “journalism” in my notebook, the calendar showed 2008. Life reminded me that you are 20 years old and the university register said you are in second grade. A university student just graduated, started her career as a doctor, and released an album along with it. I heard that his name is […]

Rewsan: I am preparing a new album, all of my song

Click for Kurdish Rewsan is an international singer who sings in 11 languages. She plays four instruments. She wrote her master’s thesis on the musical theater of the French artist Edit Piaf. Botan Times asked her on behalf of her listeners what she is busy with these days, what are her hopes and wishes. I have been […]

Artificial Inteligence will edit the language of Kurdish news

Click for Kurdish Software engineer Yehya Lezgin Çali said that they have created a program to edit the language of Kurdish news. According to the information of Yehya Çali, given in episode 54 of “The Diwaxan Podcast” program; The language correction program was created for the Rudaw Media Network and will standardize the language of […]

How can you create your media with the support of NLTR?

Click for Kurdish News Lab Turkey’s (NLTR) Incubation* Program provides journalists training, micro-grant, and mentorship to create their own digital media channel.  NLTR founder Dr. Sarphan Uzunoglu told Botan Times that they started this work to “change the culture of journalism”.  The program is in Turkish and besides Turskish journalism ideas also give supports for Kurdish […]

Bilge Kutlu: I stole stones to make sculptures

Click for Kurdish “When I’m the happiest and when I’m the saddest, that’s when I make sculptures. I get depressed when I don’t make a product.” Sculptor Bilge Kutluy expressed her love for sculpture with these words and answered Botan Times’ questions. The stories behind the products are tragic “When I took a stone in my […]