The Voice of Mesopotamia Women exhibition will be held in Diyarbakir

In Diyarbakir, a comprehensive programme is being prepared to introduce The Voice of the Mesopotamian Women. 

There is the name of the programme: A Panel and Exhibition to Introduce the Background The Voice of Mesopotamian Women. 

The theme of the panel: To carry out a Project of Dengbej Women Whose Voices Have Been Lost. 

Many artists and panellists are involved in this programme. Panellists will present their speeches and artists will sing. The programme is moderated by Gulan Mizgîn.  

Panellists of the programme: Ayşe Tepe Dogan, M.Mehdi Kizil, Berekat Ozmen, Alatin Kiliç, Murad Dildar, Seyfedin Guren, Gokçe Selim, Ihsan Zanyar, Şenay Kumuz, Berivan Matyar, Mehdi Jafarizade, Mehmet Demir

Guest artists of the programme: Wetha Matyar, Feleknas Esmer, Sarya Ertaş.

The programme is going to be held on 14 July, Iskender Konak, at 19:30.  

This project was supported by Culture Civik and coordinated by Zeynep Yas.

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This news was translated by Betül Demir

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