Quickfire Dialogue with Süleyman Çevik

If you write a letter to God, what would you say?

I would want my people get along and have each other’s interests at heart.

Who is the person that you love most? 

I don’t want to give my love to just one person, I love many people. 

What would you not want to happen if you built a world for yourself?

There would be no cruelty and injustice in the world I built; there would not be starvation.

What is your favourite book?


When you are dead, who would you most like to visit your grave? (It does not matter if s/he is dead or alive)

I would like anyone who loves me and wants to visit my grave to be able to visit my grave. 

What worries you the most?

The situation of my people (Kurds) gives me pain. We’ve paid a lot of prices, but we still don’t get enough in achievement. 

If you scratch one name to Diyarbakir’s walls, whose name would it be?

I would scratch the names of Selahaddin Eyyubi and Mervani’s emperor, Nasruddevle Ahmed. 

Which period do you want to live in?

Period doesn’t matter. This period is okay for me.

If you were born one more time, what would you do again? 

I would want to do my job again even if it has numerous challenges.

What would you most like to do before you die?

There are two things: 

1- I want to see the 50th anniversary of Nûbihar.

2- I have some book ideas I would like to write them.

What do you most dream about?

Go back to my old days in Mardin.

What is the pain in your heart in this life?

Things that you don’t do on time can’t be done then. 

If you wanted to change something about yourself, what would it be?

I would remove the border in 4 parts of Kurdistan. 

What is your biggest achievement?

Nûbihar is my biggest achievement. 

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This news was translated by Betül Demir

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