The Kurdish politician gave the book ‘Mem and Zin’ to Papa

  • Yayınlanma Tarihi: 04/13/2023
The Kurdish politician gave the book ‘Mem and Zin’ to Papa When Kurdish politician gives the book of Mem and Zin to Papa
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Kurdish politician Abdullah Demirbas met with the Head of the Catholic Church Papa Francesco in the Vatican.

During the meeting, Abdullah Demirbas presented the book of Mem and Zin that is written by Ehmedê Xanî, to Papa.

The book latinizated by Mehmet Emin Bozarslan from arabic alphabet in 1990.

Also, Demirbas a letter and carpet that have a figure of a Kurdish woman on it gave to Papa.

That meeting in the Vatican was at Demisbas’s request. Demirbas worked twice as mayor of the Sur district of Diyarbakir. But now, because of political reasons, he lives in Europe.

Who is Ehmedê Xanî?

Ehmedê Xanî was a Kurdish intellectual, scholar, mystic, and poet who is considered the founder of Kurdish nationalism. He was born in the Hakkâri region in 1650 and died in Bayazid in 1707. The most important work of Xanî is Mem and Zin which is considered the national epic of Kurds.