Qesîm Etmanekî

“Ahmad Khani is a home for the Kurdish language”

The figures of Ahmad Khani, Photo: Qesim Etmaneki I am a contemporary artist. Whatever my topic is, pain and suffering, whether it’s a sculpture, a video, a photograph, or a film, I use it. Taylan Mintas The exhibition is going on the terrace of the Ismail Besikci Foundation. This exhibition came into existence after two […]

An auctioneer from Palo: Some things have to be carried into the future

In the Fatih district of Istanbul, a book auction is held every week on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Dylemi second-hand bookseller. At the auction, most of the books are in Turkish, English, German, Ottoman, Kurdish, and Arabic. Besides books, CDs, newspapers, magazines, posters, and some printed materials will also be auctioned. The […]

A tragedy of Kurdish journalist

Diyarbakir is important for me. I fell in love for the first time in this city. My first news with my signature appeared there and I boast with it. I lived all the principles of my life in Diyarbakir. I would like to return. from the book of ‘Burhan’ın Kitabı’ page 51 Burhan Karadeniz was […]

An artist who witnessed his time

Some events of that time compel me to mention them. I am a witness to these events and I have to draw them. Mustafa Duzgun In Tarlabas district of Taksim, we are guests of the painter Mustafa Duzgun. He comes from Pulur in Tunceli. He has been engaged in art for more than 50 years, […]

“The color of the war is the same everywhere”

Photo: Qesim Etmaneki Click for Kurdish The young sculptor and painter Kenan Servan Intak is taking part in the Bazaart Exhibition with two of his works. The Bazaart exhibition, sponsored by Deniz Bank this year, started on March 15 and will continue until April 10. The purpose of the exhibition is to be a connection […]

“When they talk in Kurdish, they feel safer”

Photo: Eyup Ok student of journalism Click for Kurdish After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, thousands of civilians rushed to help the affected cities. They had important roles like rescuing people trapped under the rubble, distributing food, and clothing, and making tents. The role of university students in the earthquake process University students are also organizationally […]

“We will support equality not discrimination”

Click for Kurdish The Women’s Time Association was established in Istanbul in July 2020. They aim to eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women and contribute to women’s empowerment. Women’s Time (Dema Jinan) has stated its goals in a podcast;  Our goals are to contribute to and support the Istanbul Convention, fight against all types of […]