Omer Faruk Baran

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Adiyaman: CHP says that the power of the AK party has broken in the city

Adiyaman, called Samsur by some Kurds, is known for its population of Kurmanci, Zaza, Turks, Alawi and Sunnis. The tradition of conservative-religious parties is strong in this city. Since the early 2000s, this city has focused on the AK party. According to the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the people who survived the February 6, 2023 […]

Urfa: Kurds vote for power of AK Party

With the official name Sanliurfa, ‘Riha’ has millions of votes for political parties. This city where Arabic, Turkish, and Kurdish people live, mostly has been close to the parties that are the power of Turkey. The influence of the tradition of pro-Kurdish parties is enough in this city. However, some people have been close to […]

In Pictures: Nobody comes to rescue us!

Sanliurfa came across flooding in the morning on the 15th of March after the earthquake on the 6th of February. At first, Tiktok videos and sharing on social media showed the world how it is big. Official sources piled up one by one the number of deaths and towards evening this number passed ten. Photo: […]