Gulistan Korban

Gülistan Korban Rençber nûçegihan û edîtora Botan Timesê ye. Wê di sala 2013an de li bajarê Amedê li televizyoneke heremî ya bi navê Gun Tv’ye bi nûçegihantîyê dest bi kare xwe yê rojnamevanîyê kir. Piştre derbasê televizyona bi navê Azadî Tvyê bû û li wir edîtorîya nûçeyên Kurdî kir û nûçe pêşkeş kirin. Bi girtina Azadî TVyê re di 2016an de li malpera 1HaberVarê wekî edîtora nûçeyên Kurdî dest bi kar kir û di heman demê de malperêbernameyek çêkir û pêşkeş kir. Wê wek rojnamegera serbixwe ji bo bianet, PodcastKurdî û Botan Timesê kar kiriye.

What does it mean to be Yezidi in Turkey?

Today is the 9th anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide. This genocide was carried out by ISIS in the Shingal area of northern Iraq in 2014. The Yezidi community became victims of their beliefs. They have faced dozens of orders until now due to their beliefs. Everyone has an idea about them, but what do they say about themselves? […]

Huseyin Akyol: They pull out all the stops to prevent us from journalism

Some of our journalist friends were killed, some of them were thrown into prisons, some of them had to go into exile. But we kept going. They closed our newspapers, we continued, we bombed, we continued, and now we continue. Huseyin Akyol Huseyin Akyol, who has been a journalist for 34 years, with these sentences […]

“The Constitutional Court should take the same decisions for Kurdish journalists”

Veysel Ok, lawyer and deputy director of the Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA), says: “The Constitutional Court should make the decisions for both Turkish and Kurdish journalists. The Legal Department of the Media and Law Association (MLSA) has appealed to the Constitutional Court (CC) on behalf of the editor of the Mesopotamian Agency (MA), Sedat Yilmaz. […]

What happened on July 2, 1993, in Madimak? What do we know about this massacre?

About 15,000 people burned a hotel with mottoes. July 2, 1993, witnessed a bloody massacre in Sivas. Although there were many cameras and people, 35 people were burned in a hotel. 30 years have passed since this tragic event. Many questions are without answers despite the past 30 years. Let’s turn back the date and go […]

Agriculture is decreasing day by day: We are working for others

We have 100 acres of land, but we have nothing. Can you see the houses around us? All of them are landowners, but they have left their homes and settled in Diyarbakir. Farmer Ali Gulec According to the farmer Ali Gulec who said these words, agriculture is no longer possible in Turkey. 28-year-old Ali Gulec […]

What do we know about the attack against journalist Sinan Aygul?

I just want you to think you think for a few minutes. You have a toothache and you go to the dentist. The dentists pull out your tooth and then you go home. Everything happens after that… Suddenly two people attack you from behind the door. One of them looks around, the other one starts […]

Children of Diyarbakir jump in a fountain with a history of two thousand years

The summer heat of Diyarbakır makes people’s faces slowly burn. We know that it seems 33 degrees, but the temperature that affects the human body is not less than 38 degrees. Because of this heat in the summer months, the people of Diyarbakır go in front of Sur’s walls. The children in Sur also go […]

A Kurdish woman with her designs will be at Paris Fashion Week

I aim to introduce Kurdish fashion to the world. I was not surprised when I received the invitation to Paris Fashion Week. Because I believed in my culture. Designer Lara Dizayee Kurdish designer Lara Dizeye has brought Kurdish fashion to the world level with her work for one year. Lara Dizeye will be showcasing her designs at […]

Will the economic crisis affect the votes of the Kurds in the second round?

Turkey has a bad economy between underdeveloped countries in the world. Since 2018, the rise of the dollar has been unstoppable in the country. The Turkish lira is also losing its value. On the other side, President Erdoğan’s insistence on lowering the interest rate has led to a rise in inflation. According to official data, […]

What is the future of the Kurds in the politics of Turkey?

One of the most important results of elections in 14 May was undoubtedly the decline of the HDP vote. The party entered the elections under the name Green Left Party (YSP). The votes of the HDP declined from 11.7 percent to 8.8 percent. The HDP’s goal was to increase the number of 67 deputies it […]

What do Kurdish youth say about their first vote?

Since 2002, the AK party has been in power in Turkey. A person born in that year is 21 years old today. Around 5.2 million people will vote for the first time since the AK party came to power. 20-year-old Alpay is one of them. Now he is very angry and complains about the political […]

Cengiz Çandar: Diyarbakir stays intentionally silent

About a week later, Diyarbakir will send 12 deputies to the parliament. The Green Left Party has a strong voice in this city. In the previous parliamentary elections, the HDP won 9 out of 12 deputies in Diyarbakir. In the May 14 elections, the Green Left Party (YSP) aims to win at least 12 deputies. […]

HUDA PAR: If the National Alliance wins, the Kurds will return to the 90s

HUDA PAR has announced that they will support Erdoğan. They have also candidates from the AKP lists or parliamentarians in three cities. This party has been on the agenda with its statements about the Kurds. According to the deputy chairman of HUDA PAR, Şeyhmus Tanrikulu, they are being attacked for their statements about the Kurds. […]

An agency without journalists on Labor Day

Today, May 1, is International Workers’ Day. Many parties are demanding their rights in the fields and mention justice and rights. But we spend this day with work instead of our friends. Arjin Dilek Oncel We listen to these words from journalist Arjin Dilek Oncel. She is one of the editors of the Mesopotamia Agency. […]

CHP: Cruelty is everywhere, but there is a different kind of cruelty to Kurds

There are still 16 days until left until the elections. According to election polls, the votes for the Republican People’s Party (CHP) are rising in Kurdish cities. How will the increase in votes affect the elections? What is the CHP’s opinion on the solution to the Kurdish problem? CHP Chairman in Diyarbakir, Abdullah Atıkı, answered […]

“In Turkey, the Kurdish problem can only be solved through a federation”

The parliamentary and presidential elections are getting closer. All political parties are in action. What are the political parties in Turkey doing for the Kurds in this election and what will they do? On this issue, this week we will hear the views of the Chairman of the Diyarbakir Rights and Freedoms Party, Vasif Kaplanı. […]

Workers’ Party of Turkey: All sides take a fancy to us

After about one month the general and presidential elections will be held. The debates of the candidates got behind. Now it’s time to work for the parties.  We can hear party songs from every street in Diyarbakir.  One of the parties that have strong preparations for the elections is the Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP).  […]

HDP: Why is the Governor of Diyarbakir appointed by Ankara?

Click for Kurdish There are less than two months to the general and presidential elections of Turkey. As the elections approach, political parties have also strengthened their activities. The voice of the Kurdish voters is also valuable and strategic in this election as in many elections.  What do political parties promise for the Kurds and […]

Why do doctors leave the country?

Click for Kurdish The number of doctors who applied for go to another country reached highist level in the March. The President of Turkey has said to the doctor: they can go wherever they want. Now, these doctors are leaving the country one by one. According to the date of the Turkish Chamber of Physicians, […]

DEVA: The definition of citizenship should be chanced in Turkey

Click for Kurdish There are 44 days for the general and presidential elections. As the elections approach, political parties have also strengthened their activities. The voice of the Kurdish voters is also valuable and strategic in this election as like in many elections.  What do political parties promise for the Kurds and what will they […]

“We spend nearly all our money on food”

Click for Kurdish The economy is the main and crucial issue in Turkey. People reproach about the price of food and drinks. We asked women in Diyarbakir how much money they spend on food and drink every month. “I can’t buy even fruit from the bazaar” We came across a woman on the street. She […]

The Future Party: Municipalities should be autonomous within their boundaries!

Click for Kurdish The general and presidential elections will be on the 14th of April. As the elections approach, political parties have also strengthened their activities. The voice of the Kurdish voters is also valuable and strategic in this election as like in many elections.  What do political parties promise for the Kurds and what […]

In Pictures: ‘We are here for our freedom’

Photo: Gulistan Korban Click for Kurdish Newroz park of Diyarbakir, which has witnessed many historical events, hosted thousands of people in Newroz in 2023. This year, Newroz was very different from previous years. For people who lost their lives in the Kahramanmaras earthquakes, the Newroz stage was decorated in black for the first time. The participants […]

A nurse from Adiyaman: “I have been in the hospital for a month”

Click for Kurdish Passed more than a month after the Kahramanmaras earthquakes, which affected 10 cities.  Adiyaman is one of the cities that was destroyed in the earthquake. Sultan who is a nurse and originally from Adiyaman, says about her city, “We can neither return nor stay here.” She has been working in the emergency […]

“As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes”

Click for Kurdish As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes” and opens his arms to both sides for the physical search. When he gets to the X-ray machine, he starts taking off his shoes. Beritan Elyakut The child of two journalists, Roger Baz, is 3 years old. He remember all […]

Women in the earthquake region: I don’t take off my underwear when I wash my head

Photo: Mirad Bayram from the camp of earthquake Click for Kurdish The earthquake on 6 February affected everyone. But like every incident, women, children, foreigners, and refugees affected more in this disaster. Fatma Cadir is only one of those women who faced the earthquake in her house in Hatay. Since that day, we are mentally […]

Life after the earthquake in Baglar: “We are desperate!”

Click for Kurdish Nowadays, a rush has started on the streets of Diyarbakir. After the earthquake, hundreds of buildings were damaged in this city. People in this district are now trying to move.  There is an internal migration in the city. To see those buildings, we go to the Baglar district. While we are walking in […]

LIVE- The 17th day of the earthquake: Still going on

The death toll reached 42 thousand 310. AFAD announced that a total of 448,18 people were evacuated in Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Adana, Osmaniye, Hatay, Kilis, Malatya, and Elazig. Layoff of workers was banned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan notified that the layoff of workers was banned in 10 provinces. Interior Minister Soylu: Aiding for ware […]

They are not only victims of the earthquake and also refugee

Click for Kurdish The earthquake in Turkey destroyed 10 provinces. A great number of these provinces were Syrian people. It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people who lost their lives in the earthquake is Syrian. Thousands of Syrians lost their lives in Antakya, Kahramanmaras, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Nurdahi, Islahiye, Kirikhan, and Samandag and are […]

LIVE-15th day of the earthquake

Today is the 15th day of the eaertquake. The death toll is increasing day by day. In Adiyaman, Kahramanmaras, and Antakya, the situation is still difficult for people. The opening date of the schools was announced Minister of Education Mahmut Ozer announced they will start training in Adana, Kilis, Diyarbakir, and Sanliurfa on March 1. […]

LIVE-11th day of the earthquake

After the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes in Maresh, the number of victims who lost their lives is increasing. After 248 hours a girl was rescued In Kahramanmaras, a young girl was rescued. 12:28 AFAD: The death toll is getting increase The death toll passes 36 thousand 187 persons. And the number of wounded 108 thousand […]

LIVE-10th day of the earthquake: Still there is a hope!

According to the latest data, 35,418 people lost their lives in the earthquake. Soylu: In Antakya, one out of every two houses was destroyed Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu held a press conference in Kahramanmaraş and said, “In Antakya, one out of every two houses is destroyed.” 11:09 The first UN aid convoy entered Syria through […]

LIVE – 9th day of the earthquake

The number of dead passes thirty thousand. In the earthquake areas because of the lack of water and unhygienic conditions, millions of people came across communicable diseases. Diyarbakır: Contractors set free The Prosecution of Diyarbakir set free persons who were arrested after the earthquake. GazeteDuvar state that they set free. HDP: You commit the offense […]

Saadet Party: Kurdish should be one of the official languages in Turkey

Turkey is now in the election process. President of Turkey Recep Tayip Erdogan announced that the election will be held on the 14th of May. Parties have already started their works. Kurds’ votes are also valuable and strategic in this election. What will political parties promise for Kurds? How do they give place in their […]

Turkish teachers see Kurdish children’s ignorance of Turkish as a mental illness

Click for Kurdish One day a family and their son came next to me. His family had just moved to Istanbul from Nisebin. The child’s teacher said, “Your child has a problem, he cannot understand comfort and does not make friends with anyone, he needs special education.” Psychologist Sinda Baris Psychologist Sinda Baris explains this case […]

Taking a photo changed my life badly

Click for Kurdish Journalists working in Turkey face daily human rights violations. According to the Tigris Euphrates Association of Journalists, in 2022, journalists spent more time in the courthouse. Abdurahman Gok is one of those journalists. Gok captured the moment of Kemal Kurkut’s murder in Newroz in Diyarbakır in 2017. Since then, he has spent […]

Discussions on the presidential election date in Turkey

Click for Kurdish In Turkey, the election agenda is gradually heating up. On the one hand, there are discussions about the candidates, and on the other hand, there are also discussions about the date of the election. The author of Hurrıyet newspaper Abdulkadir Selvi shared the views of AKP Deputy General Ali İhsan Yavuz on the […]

What do the people of Diyarbakır think about elections?

Click for Kurish “There is no benefit from the Nation Alliance. We must participate in the elections with our candidate.” Bariş Almaz, a 24-year-old young man, works in a confectionery in Diyarbakır, and answered our question, “I was very happy that the HDP will participate in the elections with its candidate.” The People’s Democratic Party (HDP) […]

“iPhone Tourism” is getting increase with Kurds

Iphon 14 Pro Max phone in Turkey is 28 thousand 567 lira without tax, but with the government tax on these phones, this price rises to 57 thousand 200 lira. Because of the increase in the price of iPhone phones in Turkey, people have already turned to Batum in Georgia and Zaxo in the Kurdistan […]

Robozik: “For 11 years the pain in our hearts is the same”

“Our pain is still the same as the day of the bombing. It is the same as it was 11 years ago. They taught us how we live with this pain.” Zeki Tosun says these words. Tosun’s 23-year-old son was killed in Robozik in 2011. 11 years have passed since the incident, which is known as “Robozik Massacre”. […]