Fatih Duman

A few words about the movie ‘Klamek Ji Bo Beko’

Nizamettin Ariç is a significant person in Kurdish music and cinema. Besime Şen’s book, “Devlet Piyasa Parti”, is a detailed study of the relationship between Kurdish music and Nizamettin Ariç. It is one of the works that evaluates this relationship very well. In the last part of the book, there are several chapters and interviews […]

The relationship between Kurdish cinema and oral culture

The movie The Song of My Mom (Kilama Dayîka Min) begins with a scene in which a teacher tells the story of the crow and the peacock in a school in the village of Bazid in the Agirî district. “Ders: Türkçe” (Lesson: Turkish) is written in the lesson. But the teacher tells the story of […]