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Botan International held Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops

Botan International as an organization of Kurdish Journalism Training held Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops at its office in Diyarbakır. The participants received the education of Kurdish Diction workshop by Serdar Canan, a Podcast workshop by Hatice Kamer, a Program of Presenter workshop by Mehdi Mutlu, and a Photo-Journalism workshop by Sertaç Kayar. Photo is a […]

Kurdish children with their voices and colors were on the stage

The 5th Ma Music Days began two days ago. The first day was prepared for children. Music and lyrics at the Ma Music Center garden… When I entered this garden, the parents were waiting on the chairs watching their children. Except for the children who will perform, there were some children guests. Each child ran […]

“The words and music of this song made me inebriate”

As I sang Zine, I closed my eyes and inebriate with the depth of the music and the words. Of course, I was sorry about Zine Hekim Sefkani. Rewsan Akin The singer Rewsan Akin has given a new sound to the song ‘Zîne’ by Ciwan Hoca. There were always songs and melodies in the house […]

“When they vote, most of them are focused to the money”

On November 29, 1987, the right to vote for people living outside Turkey has started. In the last 30 years, Turkey has held 10 parliamentary elections, 3 referendums, and one presidential election. In the last elections in 2014, it was seen that people living abroad very rarely went to vote. Voting for the 2023 parliamentary […]

“My mom is the biggest model for me”

Click for Kurdish The summer is coming to Diyarbakir, and our clothes have heaviness on us. I am in the old buildings of the Office district. When I entered the building, cool weather hit my face. On the first floor of this building, I saw a signboard that is written ‘A4 Open Art Space’. I heard the sounds […]

“Kurdish culture is in my all works”

Click for Kurdish Kurdish painter Ali Osman Yanak started drawing when he was 10-12 years old. He grew up in a family that related to arts, and his drawing journey started at high school. Ali Osman says that drawing has always been part of his life. His older brother is also a painter. When his brother was […]

Alternative medicine of Kurds: Girûz

Click for Kurdish I walked towards the wall of Diyarbakir on a spring day. It was already evening. And also today is the first day of fasting. People are exhausted because of the fasting, they want to finish their work as soon as possible and reach their home. There are a lot of tables on […]

A book in their mother language surprised them

Click for Kurdish Gernas Hezexi is a Kurdish language teacher who gives face to face Kurdish language lessons in Van for the victims of earthquake. Gernas teacher stated that thanks to these courses, children move away from earthquake psychology Children move away from earthquake psychology not only through my lessons but also through other courses. […]

LGBTI+: The issue is the same but reactions are different all over the world

Photo: Murat Bayram Click for Kurdish In today’s world, via discrimination and marginalization, people tend to be more equal. But in many countries, the number of people who are discriminated because of their identity and sexual orientation is increasing. Besides, LGBTI+ people take place in many societies with their perspectives, and at the same time, […]

In Pictures: 8 March in Diyarbakir…

Hundreds of women come together to celebrate 8 March Woman’s Day in Diyarbakir. Women shouted the slogan of “Woman, Life, Freedom”. The program of the women came true in the riot shields. In the program, killed women was commemorated with candles. Also, women dead in the earthquake lighted candles. Some of the women only watched […]

Painted fingers in the tents…

Click for Kurdish The most impressive thing in this process was that a Syrian family was familiar with these tents. Dilek Durgun, a volunteer educator in tents The Children’s Rights Crisis Management Network of Diyarbakir is setting up games and activities workshops for children affected by the earthquake at the place of the tents in […]

“This is similar to the destruction of our memories”

Click for Kurdish The demolishing of the Gallery building started 17 days after the earthquake in Diyarbakir. There were 4 blocks in that building and hundreds of people lived there. 2 blocks of this building were destroyed in the February 6 earthquake. For the rest of the blocks, a controlled demolition decision was made.  A family […]

LIVE-16th day of the earthquake: After 15 days one more earthquake

The death toll is more than 40,000 people. 16 days have passed since the earthquake in Kahramanmaras and last night Hatay was hit by two more strong earthquakes. On Monday evening, at 20.04, the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Defne district of Hatay with a magnitude of 6.4. After the first earthquake, the second […]

From the ruins to another neighborhood, a village, or a city…

Click for Kurdish 13 days have passed since the earthquake. Saturday was like a spring day in Diyarbakir. Instead of the cold streets left by the earthquake, there was warm air in the city. The streets were full with people who had big earthquake nearly two ago. I walked from one neighborhood to another to see the […]

LIVE – 12th day of the earthquake

After the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the number of victims who lost their lives is increasing. The Head of the Chamber of the Industry in Kocaeli called out to employers: Don’t employ persons from the earthquake zone The Head of the Chamber of Industry in Kocaeli Ayhan Zeytinoglu said “I want that you […]

“The first thing ISIS does is burn or kill”

 Click for Kurdish As always one day we went to our garden. We saw the sound of a cannon. Smoke was rising from the side of our house. Some of them were calling and saying, ‘The first thing ISIS does is burn or kill.’ A woman from Kobani talked about her last moments in her city with these […]

Experiences of a Kurdish volunteer in Africa

When Ensari worked as a muezzin, his friend said that there is a necessity for a teacher to teach Quran in Africa. One of his dreams was to go there. He took his valise and went to Africa from Siruc. In the beginning, Ensari’s family didn’t accept his idea and said “you will starve, it […]

How did narcotic drugs affect adversely Baris’s life?

 Click for Kurdish “When I was 9 years old in primary school, I fell into depression due to family problems. I was looking for something standing me up, and at the recommendation of my friends, I started using drugs.” The story of Baris and narcotic drugs began this way. According to the 2015 study conducted by […]

“There is an intense connection between translator and translation”

Click for Kurdish The 2nd issue of LEWerger Magazine has been released. LEWerger is a unique poetry translation magazine. The first issue was released on September 1, 2022. LEWerger’s social accounts announced: “LEWerger has come out with its 2nd issue and strong content!” The editorial board of LEWerger consists of 3 people. It publishes translations in 3 […]

In the era of agha, sheikhs, and princes, Mela Sa’id represented a modern era

Click for Kurdish Avesta Publishing House started its 2023 discussion programs in Diyarbakir. In the first discussion, academician and writer Ergin Opengin spoke and the moderator of the program was Pinar Yildiz. Ergin Opengin spoke about “The world of intellectual-literate of two Kurdmates: Mela Sa’id Shamdinani and Irish Alan Ward”. Opengin said that Mela Sa’id […]

“When our grandparents die, they take hundreds of stories with them”

Click for Kurdish The Mesopotamya Foundation, which was established in 2013 in Diyarbakır, has been working on documenting Kurdish folklore since that year. The teachers of the foundation started training students in 2017 and the trained students are now in the villages and cities following the Kurdish language. Botan Times talked about the importance of […]

Three books cost is more than one student scholarship

Inflation in Turkey, which according to the government is 85%, also affected the buying and selling of books. The statistics of the Publishers Federation (YAY-FED) show that publishers published more than 31 million books in 2021, but that number dropped to 28 million this year.  The prices of books have increased by 100% due to […]